Hydrological Summary for October 2015 Published

On the whole, October was settled, with anticyclonic conditions dictating weather patterns for much of the month. Monthly temperatures were moderately above average and it was unseasonably warm and sunny at times, especially in the north and west (north-west Scotland saw 121% of the average sunshine hours). Overall, it was a dry month with the majority of the UK receiving below average rainfall, and it was particularly dry in Scotland and Wales. Following notably low rainfall over the last three months, October river flows were generally in the normal range or below, with exceptionally low flows in some northern and western catchments. Groundwater levels were generally in the normal range or moderately below, although recoveries were evident in some boreholes, particularly in the far south. At the national scale, reservoir stocks were moderately below average at the end of October. Several impoundments in the north and west were more than 15% below average, e.g. the Northern Command Zone and Derwent Valley groups. The unsettled conditions of late October continued into early November, and current forecasts favour wetter-than average conditions over the coming few months. Therefore, moderate short-term rainfall and runoff deficiencies are evident in western Britain, in general the water resources outlook remains favourable.

The full Hydrological Summary can be found here.