NRFA new website launched

The NRFA has launched its new website with simplified menus and revised guidance information. Also look out for further website improvements later in the year. To help you navigate around the website here is some quick guidance on how to find NRFA data and information.

How to find the data search

NRFA data can be accessed via the home page or Data menu under the search data menu link. The search pages are similar to the old website where you can select the search method and attributes to search on.

How to find the information about our data 

As well as being able to search the NRFA for data there is also information about the different data holdings which fall into six categories. 

This information can now be found in in About Data within the Data menu along with use of NRFA data.

Where to download the WINFAP-FEH files

The WINFAP-FEH data files can be now found within About Data in the Peak River Flow Data Section of the website. The WINFAP-FEH files can be downloaded here.

Where to find the Hydrological Summary

The Hydrological Summary which is produced monthly can be found within the National Hydrological Monitoring Programme (NHMP) menu under Monthly Hydrological Summaries for the UK. The latest Hydrological Summary can be found on this page along with the archived versions which are available on the NERC Open Research Archive (NORA).

We would also welcome any feedback on the new website and how we can improve it. Send your feedback to