Terms, Conditions and costs of using NRFA Data

Terms and Conditions


Use of NRFA Data 

In line with Natural Environment Research Council policy, the provision of data from the National River Flow Archive confers only a right to use the data. Ownership of the data, or the associated Intellectual Property Rights, will not normally be transferred. Data received from the NRFA must not be sold, or passed on to any third party. Reproduction is authorised, except for commercial purposes, providing the source is acknowledged.


Through the use of quality control procedures every effort is made to maintain and improve the quality and consistency of the river flow data. However, NERC, the Environment Agency (England), Natural Resources Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Rivers Agency (NI) accept no liability for any loss or damage, cost or claims arising directly or indirectly from their use. 

Costs of Accessing NRFA Data

In line with the Natural Environment Research Council Policy, data held on the National River Flow Archive are supplied for free to all users except for large or complex requests where a handling charge may be applied to cover the cost of supply.