Web download service

For all stations, the following time series of river flow are available to view and download dynamically from the website.

Gauged Daily Flows:

Full period of record daily flow datasets for all our daily flow gauging stations throughout the UK are available for download directly from the NRFA website. When browsing the NRFA gauging station pages, users need to click ‘Download flow data’ on the ‘Daily Flow Data’ tab of each station page in order to download the data.  Details of data formats can be found here. Each gauging station page also features ‘Station Info’ which provides summary information that should be considered when analysing the data can be found on our website. 

Peak Flows:

Time series of peak flow data for use with WINFAP-FEH (including, AMAX, POT and associated catchment descriptors) are available to download here. Details of the file types and how to use the files in WINFAP-FEH are also included.