August 2016 Hydrological Summary published

August was a mild month and many places experienced sunshine and showers. In northern England and northern Scotland, wetter conditions were interspersed with drier, more settled periods. Drier conditions prevailed in the south and east of the UK, central Scotland and Northern Ireland although were punctuated by unsettled weather conditions. Above average temperatures were registered in all regions and the hottest day of the year so far was recorded on the 23rd in Faversham, Kent (34.1 C). Variable river flow responses reflected the distribution of rainfall throughout August, but almost all monthly mean flows were in the normal range or above. Changes in soil moisture deficits (SMDs) in August reflected the spatial distribution of rainfall; SMDs increased in eastern Scotland and the south and east of Britain whilst soils wetted up in northern England and western Scotland. Groundwater levels followed their usual seasonal recession although remained in the normal range or above. On the whole, reservoir stocks continued to fall (as is normal for the time of year) and despite some substantial decreases in some southern reservoirs, stocks for England and Wales remained above average. As autumn begins, the water resources outlook for the UK remains healthy, the commencement of groundwater recharge is dependent on autumn rainfall.

The full Hydrological Summary is here.