Hydrological Summary for December 2021 Published

Overall December was typical, with a period of calm weather bookended by unsettled conditions, although unseasonably warm temperatures (16.5°C was recorded on the 31st at Bala, Gwynedd) featured in the last week. Rainfall for the UK was near-average, although this masked drier conditions in western Scotland and parts of northern and southern England. Correspondingly, river flows were generally in the normal range although with some above normal flows in Northern Ireland, central England, and East Anglia. Small soil moisture deficits remained in parts of eastern England, and around the Thames estuary. However, recharge occurred at most groundwater index sites, except for a few in the Chalk of southern England. By month-end most boreholes had levels within the normal range, with a few above normal. Reservoir stocks rose at most impoundments in December and following a relatively average December, the water resources situation remains healthy as winter progresses and latest outlooks suggest rainfall and river flows are likely to be normal over the coming months. 

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