Hydrological Summary for December 2023 Published

Following a cold start, mild and unsettled weather dominated December, with four named storms leading to widespread high flows and associated flood warnings. Rainfall during December was above average for the UK, leading to above normal river flows, many exceptionally so in England, eastern Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Reservoir stocks increased in most impoundments and remained above average at the national scale, although at Celyn & Brenig and Daer stocks were 13% and 12% lower than average respectively. Groundwater levels continued to rise across the major aquifers and were mainly above normal to exceptionally high for the time of year. The water resources position is favourable, and the current UK Hydrological Outlook indicates above normal flows are most likely over the coming months. Flood risk is elevated due to saturated ground and high groundwater levels meaning any further rainfall is likely to prompt a rapid response in flows.  

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