Hydrological Summary for January 2024 Published

Whilst rainfall for January was close to average, a dry period mid-month was bookended by cyclonic weather patterns that included four named storms. Temperatures were close to average, and despite a cold spell that brought snow to the north, a new daily maximum temperature for January was recorded (19.9°C on 28th at Achfary, Sutherland). Rainfall was above average in north-eastern Scotland, northern England and north Wales, and average or below average elsewhere. River flows were above average across most of England, but normal in western parts of the UK. Groundwater levels rose across slow responding aquifers and were stable or receded in more responsive aquifers, but at the majority of sites they remained above normal to exceptionally high. Reservoir stocks increased, with further replenishment of Colliford and Roadford in south-west England, and only Celyn & Brenig, Daer and Grafham had deficits approaching or just exceeding 10%. Healthy reservoir stocks at national scale, coupled with an outlook over the next few months for normal to above normal groundwater levels, make the water resources situation favourable. However, further rain after a dry start to February has kept the soils wet and the groundwater levels high, maintaining an elevated risk of flooding.

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