Hydrological Summary for November 2023 Published

The first half of November was unsettled for much of England and Wales before a dry, warm spell which transitioned to colder temperatures with some wintry conditions. November was mild. With rainfall totals near-average for the UK, this varied regionally with eastern Scotland and Northern Ireland receiving below average rainfall. November river flows generally remained above normal to exceptionally high following the wet October, with twice the average for some catchments in east Anglia and southwest England (e.g. Stringside, Stour). Reservoir stocks increased in most impoundments and remains healthy entering the winter (5% above average for England & Wales at month end). November concluded a warm and wet autumn for most parts of the UK. Correspondingly, the recharge season began early, with abundant replenishment since – groundwater levels continued to rise through November and remained above normal across most aquifers. The current Hydrological Outlook for the next three months favours above normal river flows (e.g. southern England and eastern Scotland) and groundwater levels, with elevated flood risk due to a wet start to December.

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