Gauging Station Information

To assist interpretation of river flow time series the NRFA holds detailed information about the gauging stations for which river flow data are archived. As well as summary information regarding the hydrometric characteristics and performance of gauging stations, the NRFA holds a variety of more detailed station material. These information holdings include both contemporary and historical material relating to gauging stations and have been developed through liaison with the measuring authorities and their precursors. Users should note that not all information is available for every stations.

Other Sources of Gauging Station Information

Additional material such as maps, station plans and historic photographs are held in the NRFA physical archive. Please contact the NRFA to enquire about accessing this information.

If users require further information about specific gauging stations in addition to that held by the National River Flow Archive, the Measuring Authority operating the station may provide an alternative source. The page for each individual NRFA gauging station provides details of the relevant Measuring Authority, details for these organisations can be found here.