The National River Flow Archive Application Programming Interface (NRFA API) provides access to NRFA river flow data and metadata. Through the API a number of data types are available including; gauged daily flows, catchment daily rainfall and peak flow data. Also available is access to NRFA river flow gauging station information, including station metadata (the type of station, its location and key characteristics), information about the station's catchment (land use, geology, climate, etc.), and time series of daily river flows measured at the station.

Access the API and its user guidance

Examples of use of the API in Javascript and Python can be seen on the NRFA github.

Examples for R will be available in future, but for novice R users we recommend the RNRFA package, which itself accesses NRFA data using the NRFA API

The API is designed primarily for programmers (API stands for Application Programming Interface), to enable rapid access to large numbers of datasets. All of the data provided can also be manually downloaded, through a set of user-friendly web-pages, via the NRFA website, including an easy to use map-based search page. We recommend that non-programmers access NRFA data in this way.

We welcome any feedback or comments on the API, its utility and usage. Please send any comments or questions to

By using this NRFA API you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use. The following acknowledgement shall, unless otherwise stated, be used on all copies of the Data, publications and reports, including but not limited to, use in presentations to any audience.

Acknowledgement: Data from the UK National River Flow Archive