Catchment elevation data are derived from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Integrated Hydrological Digital Terrain Model (IHDTM). The IHDTM is based on a 50m grid interval (i.e. each cell represents a 50m x 50m square) with a 0.1m vertical resolution. It is designed to be hydrologically consistent and is a core component of the Flood Estimation Handbook

Elevation layer can be displayed on each station details page.

The height (to the nearest metre above Ordnance Datum or, in Northern Ireland, Malin Head Datum) of the Minimum and Maximum levels in the catchment and the level below which 10%, 50% and 90% of the catchment lies.

ZSTDStandard deviation
P0022 percentile
P0055 percentile
P01010 percentile
P02525 percentile
P05050 percentile
P07575 percentile
P09090 percentile
P09595 percentile
P09898 percentile