CEH Blog: UK Hydrological Status Update - early July 2018

An update on the UK's water situation during the current dry weather from Jamie Hannaford and colleagues in CEH's Hydrological Status and Outlooks group has been published.

Our previous blog posts discussed the dryness of late 2016 and early 2017, along with a damper interlude in summer 2017, culminating in a December 2017 update which highlighted the potential for drought and water resources stress in 2018.

This was prompted by the successive dry autumn/winter periods, which had reduced groundwater resources in much of southern and eastern England, increasing the chances of low groundwater levels and river flows in 2018. In the event, drought and water scarcity have indeed become discussion topics for summer 2018 – but not necessarily for the reasons we set out in the winter.

Find out what the current Hydrological Situation for the UK is and read the blog here.