More Live Data Sites and New Stations on the NRFA

The NRFA have published 'Live data' pages for stations added to the most recent update of the Environment Agency’s near real-time data API.

This page shows NRFA archived flows (in black) and near real-time flows from the Environment Agency's Hydrology API (in red) where available. NRFA data are quality controlled before archival and release. Near real-time data are from the Environment Agency's Hydrology API and consist of checked and unchecked data. More information, including on quality flags for near real-time data is available in the API documentation.

In the future, we aim to provide a service to download the combined time series. In the meantime, the NRFA data can be downloaded from the ‘Daily flow data’ tab.

Currently near real-time data is available at 495 stations in England which can be found by filtering on our Search page. Click the ‘Filter’ button in the bottom left-hand corner of the map, then choose NRFA data types > Live data = Yes and ‘Add Filter’.

Screenshot of NRFA search page filtered on Live Data stations

As new stations are released by the Environment Agency the NRFA will create similar additional pages. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed and Newsletter to be the first to hear about updates.

As part of the work the NRFA are undertaking in conjunction with the Environment Agency’s near real-time data API, there are 28 new stations in England where daily mean flow data are now available on the NRFA.

A list of the new stations is given below.

StationNamePeriod of record daily flow data
26011Market Weighton Canal at Wholsea Grange1989-2017
27060Kyle at Newton on Ouse1979-2017
38033Upper Lee at Luton East Hyde2009-2017
39106Mole at Leatherhead1986-2017
39117Colne Brook at Hythe End1991-2017
41030Ouse at Ardingly1979-2017
47021Kensey at Launceston Newport*2002-2017
47022Tory Brook at Newnham Park*1979-2017
47024Tavy at Tavistock Abbey Bridge*1994-2017
47025Wolf at Germansweek*1991-2017
48012Fal at Trenowth*1998-2017
48801Cober at Trenear*1988-2017
48803Carnon at Bissoe*1994-2017
49005Bolingey Stream at Bolingey Cocks Bridge*2010-2017
50013Bray at Leehamford Bridge1979-2017
67023Golborne Brook at Tattenhall1998-2017
68018Dane at Congleton Park*1979-2017
68021Arrowe Brook at Acton Lane*2005-2017
69028Mersey at Brinksway*1974-2017
69803Roch at Rochdale*1993-2017
72817New Mill Brook at Hollowforth Hall*1972-2017
73012Kent at Victoria Bridge*1993-2017
73017Kent at Bowston*1999-2017
75018Derwent at Seaton Mill2011-2017
76019Roe Beck at Stockdalewath*1999-2017
76806Eden at Great Musgrave Bridge*2000-2017
76809Caldew at Cummersdale*1997-2017
76811Dacre Beck at Dacre Bridge*2000-2017

Sites marked with an * were previously available on the NRFA with peak flow data holdings.