New British Standard for Hydrometric Data Management

Kennet at Theale

In December 2014, the British Standards Institution published an updated “Code of Practice for the Management of Observed Hydrometric Data” (BS 17898:2014). The standard replaces an earlier guide produced in the 1990s and has been fully rewritten, with a new section on metadata, as well as detailed recommendations for the management of precipitation, water level, velocity, discharge and volumetric data. The new code of practice was produced by a number of UK organisations, including the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology; Scottish Environment Protection Agency; Environment Agency; Met Office and Water UK working through the British Standards Committee for Hydrometry (CPI/113). Head of the NRFA, Dr Harry Dixon led authorship of sections of the new Standard, ensuring the archives experience in managing national hydrometric data was reflected. The new Standard will help organisations who produce and manage hydrometric data (including those providing Data catchmentdata to the NRFA) to harmonise their operating practices and improve the utility of information provided to users.Data catchment

More information on the new Standard can be found on the BSi here.