New stations on the NRFA

Following a liaison visit to the SEPA North area, a number of potential additions to the archive were identified. Each of these were assessed and as a result there are 23 new stations available on the NRFA.

A map and list of the new stations is given below. The stations are a great addition to the archive, with many of them located along the west coast of Scotland and two on the Outer Hebrides, areas which were previously sparsely gauged. Many of the records start in the 2000s and are now approaching or exceeding ten years of data.

Station NamePeriod of record daily flow data
3006Loch Ailsh at Loch Ailsh2006-2016
4010Meig at Loch Beanacharain2011-2016
4011Meig at Corrievuic2011-2016
6012Enrick at White Bridge2007-2016
6013Mill Burn at Dirriebught House1998-2016
7010Muckle Burn at Brodie2005-2016
7011Black Burn at Pluscarden Abbey2012-2016
9010Deveron at Huntly2009-2016
15046Garry Burn at Loakmill2010-2016
92002Allt Coire nan Con at Polloch1986-2016
92003Strontian at Ariundle2009-2016
92004Aline at Craigendarroch2008-2016
93002Ling at Killilan2002-2016
94003Kerry at Faich Bhiorach2011-2016
95003Langwell at Langwell Lodge2007-2016
95004Abhainn a'Chnocain at Elphin2008-2016
95005Laxford at Laxford Bridge2004-2016
95006Rhidorroch at Rhidorroch2007-2016
96005Dionard at Dionard2005-2016
96006Borgie at Borgie Bridge2007-2016
105001Snizort at Skeabost2001-2016
106002Laxdale at Laxdale2007-2016
106003Abhainn Roag at Mill Croft2007-2016