New UK Water Resources Portal

The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology has launched a new web portal that allows users to assess information about the latest hydrological situation and drought conditions across the country in near-real-time. The new portal offers dynamic, interactive situation monitoring, mapping and plotting of rainfall, river flow and soil moisture measurements, with some data being updated daily. 

It features live data from CEH's COSMOS-UK soil moisture monitoring stations, while river flows across England are fed in from the new Environment Agency hydrological data service.

The portal is a ‘demonstrator’ as it is still a work in progress that is being developed and is undergoing user-testing until the end of 2019 when it will be fully operational. 

The portal can be accessed here

There is more infromation about the portal, why it was made, how it can be used and who it is for in this CEH Blog Post. The UK Water Resources Portal development team welcome comments or suggestions on the portal and these can be emailed to