NRFA attend the BHS Pennines Section Meeting "The Assurance and Improvement of Flow Data"

The NRFA were invited to present on their quality control procedures at the BHS Pennines Section meeting on 9th December. The meeting was well attended with representative from the UK Measuring Authorities, consultancies and water companies. Katie Muchan of the NRFA gave the presentation which focused on the quality control at the NRFA, including why and how we do it, quality control tools and examples, results of the last 10 years of quality control and potential future developments. Other presentations were given by the EA Tom Nurick (Hydrologist, Water Resources) talked about the need to infill data, the approached and techniques used by the EA and then gave several case studies of where different techniques had been use. David Thomas (Hydrologist, Water Resources) went on to talk about the EA’s multi-year check quality control procedures giving detailed examples of where the techniques used identified problems in the period of record that triggered further investigations.