NRFA at BHS's 13th National Symposium

Over the next two days several members of the NRFA team are attending the British Hydrological Society’s 13th National Hydrology Symposium. The conference theme is Hydrology: Advances in Theory and Practice and is being held at the University of Westminster on the 12th and 13th September 2018.

The programme promises a wide variety of speakers on topics including: ‘Hydrometric Data’, ‘Hydroecology’, ‘Droughts, Low Flows and Resources’, ‘Sediments and Habitats’, ‘Flood Hydrology’ and ‘Flood Modelling’.

NRFA staff contributions to the conference include the following presentations:

  • ‘Trends in UK Peak Flow Data: When did they start?’ Adam Griffin, Gianni Vesuviano, Lisa Stewart
  • ‘Regional differences in meteorological droughts in Great Britain’ Maliko Tanguy, Klaus Haslinger, Cecilia Svensson, Simon Parry, Lucy Barker & Christel Prudhomme
  • ‘Insights into rainfall undercatch in differing gauge types and heights: the impact of wind speed and rainfall event intensity’ Katie Muchan
  • ‘Testing novel tools and recent advances to meet decision maker needs for drought monitoring and early warning in the UK’ Lucy Barker, Jamie Hannaford, Maliko Tanguy, Matt Fry & Gemma Nash
  • 'The hydrological state of play for intermittent rivers' Catherine Sefton, Simon Parry, Judy England, Geoffrey Angell, Rebecca Ross & Michael Eastman

And the following Posters:

  • ‘Long-term changes in UK flooding: evidence from the latest ‘NRFA Peak Flow’ dataset’ Nikolaos Mastrantonas, Jamie Hannaford, Shaun Harrigan & Simon Parry
  • ‘National River Flow Archive: The UK’s focal point for hydrometric data’ Stephen Turner, Katie Muchan, Cath Sefton, Jamie Hannaford & Isabella Tindall

If you are at the Symposium we look forward to seeing you there and you can join the discussion on Twitter by using #AdvancesInHydrology.