Paper on Winter Floods 2015/2016 published

Further to the release of the Winter Floods 2015/2016 report the NRFA's paper in the journal Weather has been published. The flooding in winter 2015/2016 was one of the most extraordinary hydrological episodes witnessed in the UK in recent decades and the paper aims to describe the hydrological characteristics and widespread impacts of the flooding, placing the event in historical context and considering the wider narratives surrounding the events.

 PDF copies are available here

In the special issue there are also papers which describe the meteorological events (McCarthy et  al, 2016) and the meteorological records broken (Burt, 2016) and aim to together provide a compreshensive overview of the exceptional meteorological and hydrological conditions and their impacts in the winter of 2015/2016. 

Additional Information

‘The winter 2015/2016 floods in the UK: a hydrological appraisal’ is an output from the National Hydrological Monitoring Programme (NHMP), operated jointly by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and the British Geological Survey. The NHMP was set up in 1988 and aims to provide an authoritative voice on hydrological conditions throughout the UK and has a particular obligation to document major contemporary hydrological events and to identify and interpret long-term hydrological change and variability. Monthly Hydrological Summaries for the UK are routinely published as part of this programme, as well as Occasional Reports on major events.