PhD success for Dr Andrew Chiverton

The NRFA were proud to learn that Andrew Chiverton passed his PhD viva with no corrections, an extremely impressive achievement! 

Andrew started his PhD with the NRFA in September 2011, supervised by Jamie Hannaford along with colleagues at CEH, the British Geological Survey and Cranfield University.

Andrew had been working with the data holdings of the archive to examine the role that catchment properties have on influencing river flow responses to climate variability. Two papers have been published based on this research. Firstly, a new method for regionalisation that classifies catchments based on temporal dependence in river flow - a proxy for the precipitation-to-flow relationship. Secondly, a new method  for detecting variability in river flow series and attributing the changes to precipitation. Both papers are based on applying variograms to river flow time series, a novel approach that has rarely been applied in hydrology. 

Andrew is now working as a Hydrologist with the Environment Agency in Tewkesbury. We wish him all the best in his new job and for the future.


Chiverton, A.; Hannaford, J.; Holman, I.P.; Corstanje, R.; Prudhomme, C.; Hess, T.M.; Bloomfield, J.P.. 2015 Using variograms to detect and attribute hydrological change. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 19 (5). 2395-2408.

Chiverton, Andrew; Hannaford, Jamie; Holman, Ian; Corstanje, Ron; Prudhomme, Christel; Bloomfield, John; Hess, Tim M.. 2015 Which catchment characteristics control the temporal dependence structure of daily river flows? Hydrological Processes, 29 (6). 1353-1369.