Version 4.1 of WINFAP-FEH files released

The National River Flow Archive has released an update of the WINFAP-FEH data files for use in flood estimation. 

Version 4.1 of the WINFAP-FEH Data Files is published as an amendment to Version 4. The changes made in this version affect the flow data at stations categorised as ‘POT excluded’ only. The amendment is important for any single site, enhanced single site or pooling analyses in which these sites may be used.

By definition, POT excluded stations do not present POT data files in the WINFAP-FEH download, but do present AMAX data files. An error in the file export code used for the previous release (Version 4) meant that no AMAX data files were presented in the download at POT excluded stations. This issue has now been corrected and all users should download the Version 4.1 files for use in WINFAP-FEH. 

Version 4.1 of the files is available for download here.

There are no other changes to the data files since Version 4. For the most recent list of major changes (e.g. to flow data and station suitability) users should refer to the release note for Version 4. 

If you have any questions, please contact the NRFA.