Monthly Hydrological Summaries

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The National Hydrological Monitoring Programme (NHMP) produces the monthly Hydrological Summary of the UK. This regular report describes the hydrological conditions during the preceding month, using the data holdings of the National River Flow Archive and National Groundwater Level Archive. Focusing on rainfall, river flows, groundwater levels, and reservoir stocks, it places the events of each month, and the conditions at the end of the month, in a historical context. 

Each report includes regional rainfall data - both recent and, where significant, longer-term accumulations for the major administrative divisions in the water industry. Also featured are maps and representative hydrographs of river flow and groundwater levels with supporting summary statistics and details of current stocks for a selection of major reservoirs. A commentary examines notable hydrological events and summarises both the national hydrological status and the water resources outlook. 

The Hydrological Summary is published on the 10th working day every month via this web-page, Twitter, and to those who have signed up to receive them by email. 


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Latest month 

The Hydrological Summary for the latest month can be downloaded at the below link:

Latest Hydrological Summary for the UK

The latest Hydrological Summary will also be available in the NERC Open Research Archive (NORA) and displayed in the below list soon after publication. 


Archived versions of the Hydrological Summary are available in pdf format from December 1988. To access hydrological summaries from the archive, please use the below list.

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