Daily flow data for water year 2019/2020 available

Daily flow data for water year 2019/2020 are now available to download from the NRFA for most stations in the UK. This annual update contains new record maximum gauged daily flows recorded at a number of stations across Wales and the Midlands during the winter of 2019/2020, documented in our blog posts and recent paper published in the journal Weather.

Some stations are still undergoing the quality control process, and no data are available for stations in Scotland due to technical issues with the data provision. Where more recent river flow data are required, users may be able to source this by contacting the relevant Measuring Authority, or by looking at the Live data tab where available.

Daily flow data are provided to the NRFA by Measuring Authorities through an annual submission programme. Data for each water year are normally submitted to the NRFA the following spring, after which it undergoes detailed quality control before being added to the national archive.

Peak flow (AMAX and POT) data for water year 2019/2020 will be released later in the year. The most recent release of files for use in WINFAP are available to download here.