Peak Flow Data

Since April 2014, national peak flow data has formed part of the National River Flow Archive data holdings. The Archive provides time series of peak river flows from a sub-set of the UK gauging stations for which daily flow data are available. The national peak flow dataset forms the basis of flood risk estimation in the UK. Prior to April 2014, the data and information outlined on this page were provided by the HiFlows-UK initiative.

As for other NRFA data holdings, using the search facility, you can search for the required station using a geographical location, NRFA station number, river name, flow statistic or catchment characteristic. The search by maps function can also be used to locate gauging stations which hold peak flow data records. A ‘Peak Flow Data’ tab is provided at the top of each individual station page for which such data are available on the NRFA. Using the drop down menu within this tab, the user can also find the AMAX and POT data, FEH catchment descriptors, rating and datums. AMAX, POT and catchment descriptors can be downloaded from the website for use in WINFAP-FEH. Instructions for how to download the data and details of the current available version can be found here.